Friday 14 October 2011

Halloween Crafts - The Ghoul Family & Pointy Witch Hat Song

I wanted to take the kids out on a nature walk last weekend. The plan was to collect leaves and twigs etc and make a nature collage when we got home. The Plan did not happen as it chucked it down all day.

Instead, inspired by my Halloween CD that had arrived the day before, we stayed indoors and did some Halloween crafts.

With empty loo rolls, a pack of craft paper offcuts and a yogurt pot of glue, the Jellyfish and I made a witch and a vampire.

The Jellyfish had such a good time, she decided to create more...

... and we ended up with the Ghoul Family.

And to finish off, I thought I'd share our Halloween song that we made up last year


  1. Aw, the ghoul family is actually cute! :) Love.

  2. Aww, thank you. My daughter will be very pleased you like them x


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