Sunday 30 October 2011

Halloween Crafts

We've put the half term break to good use this week by doing Halloween crafts. They've all been easy to do and cost very little but the kids (and me) have had fun doing them.

First up was painting using Halloween colours of red, orange, blue, brown, green and purple:

Then we made monsters out of plasticine:

The Jellyfish made different kinds of monsters, from an alien monster in a space ship to a pirate monster

Boo's all had a similar theme...

I was proud of my one horned purple people eater. Until I discovered he's a one eyed, one horned purple people eater. Bah.

I also made an evil flower, which came out cuter than intended.

Even the partner had a go and made a Cheesestring monster

Today we have been busy baking and making milk bottle ghosts and funny balloon faces (which were supposed to be monsters but came out looking gormless so they're rebranded).

I saw the milk bottle ghosts on another blog a few weeks ago and can't remember which one so apologies to whoever did it first as I can't link back.

To make the milk bottle ghosts we washed out the plastic bottles and cut a hole in the back and then drew on ghost faces using a Sharpie pen

I didn't have any fairy lights to use like in the original so I used battery powered flickering 'candles' instead, placing them inside the pre-prepared hole.

They look much better in real life than in the photo and glow rather than having a big light in the middle.

Lastly (phew), we made funny face balloons for the trick or treaters by drawing eyes, mouths and noses on plain sticky labels and colouring them in

I then put a small roll of sweets inside a balloon and blew it up (leaving the balloon quite small as the stickers would have been lost on a normal sized balloon)

Then the kids stuck the faces on. To finish off I tied string around the bottom and added some leftover monster and alien stickers

The response from the trick or treaters was great. One girl told me it was a good idea and a boy was heard saying 'the sweets are inside the balloon - wicked' once the door was closed so I am very pleased.

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