Wednesday 4 January 2012

Book 1 - 3rd Draft A Charm

My holiday, Christmas and New Year have passed so yesterday I got back to work on my current project. I've already completed two drafts but don't feel it's quite 'there' yet. The last draft involved a lot of rewriting so I wanted to go through the whole thing again to make sure it all fit and flowed properly. I also wanted to polish it as I was concentrating on rewriting most of the scenes last time.

As I suspected, I wasn't in the mood for turning on the laptop last night. Breaks are great but I find getting back into the habit of writing difficult. I wanted one more day of slouching in front of the tv but I knew I'd feel exactly the same the next day. And the next day and the next day... So i forced myself off my arse and got on with it.

And do you know what? I enjoyed it and was surprised to find that I thought the writing was pretty good. I usually think my writing is crap but I was pleased with what was on the screen. I'm not saying it's the best writing since sliced bread (the Warburtons in my cupboard is a best-selling novelist) but I thought it was good and is the kind of book I'd pick up in the shops.

I'm hoping to have this draft finish within a few weeks and then I can start sending it off to agents.

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