Monday 16 January 2012

Kindle - First Impressions

Back in November, I was debating whether to buy a Kindle or not. I was given some money to buy myself a Christmas present while we were on holiday and in the end I decided to go for it and bought the Kindle Touch (and a lovely pink and orange cover).

I'm reading my first book on the Kindle at the moment (Fairytale of New York by Miranda Dickinson) and I'm just over half way through so what are my first impressions?


  • It's much lighter than I expected it to be
  • But the screen is bigger than I expected (which is a good thing as my eyes are crap)
  • I can prop the Kindle while I read hands-free (leaving me free to drink tea and eat cake while reading - yay!)
  • Your page is automatically saved
  • I do like the fact I can store hundreds of books without running out of room. My poor bookcase can't take anymore
  • I thought it wouldn't feel like I was reading a 'real' book but I haven't noticed the difference
  • It's so easy to buy new books. If you use Amazon 1-Click, you can buy and download your new book within seconds


  • It's so easy to buy new books. If you use Amazon 1-Click, you can buy and download your new book within seconds
  • The covers are grey and darker grey so no gorgeous shiny, glittery covers
  • I must keep nudging it or something because on a few ocassions, I end up pages ahead. With a normal book you would simply flick through until you find your page but with a Kindle you have to tap, wait until it loads, tap wait until it loads... until you reach where you were up to
  • I love standing in a book shop, picking up the books, looking at their covers and reading the blurb
All things considered, I do like the Kindle and once you are actually reading the book, there is no difference, apart from being a bit easier on your hands. But I love paper books and their covers too much to ever use the Kindle exclusively.


  1. I am new to my kindle too.

    I agree, I do not notice I am not holding a real book once I get reading.

    Another pro for me is hands free reading
    another con for me is the boring list of books, I would like to see jpegs of book covers


  2. Yes, the menu of books isn't very inspiring, is it?


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