Wednesday 16 May 2012

Book 2 - Over 25%

I've reached over 25% of my second draft (almost 1/3). It was a bit slow to begin with because I cut a lot from the start of the book and had to write some new scenes and I've introduced a new character, Rick. He had a very brief mention in the first draft but I've beefed up his part to complicate Karen's love life (I'm evil like that). I'm sort of back on track now, though Rick does need putting in some of the existing scenes.

It appears I'm still in the honeymoon period with this draft as I actually look forward to opening my word document in the evenings. With the second draft of Book 1 I used to dread working on it a lot of the time (it was a slog of a second draft though). I wonder how long the honeymoon will last...


  1. Best of luck with the second draft of Book 2. I still need to complete the first draft of my Book 2-it's a different experience the second time around I think. I can't help wanting to plan Book 2 more than I did with Book 1-when should just write it. Book 1 keeps demanding my attention too. Writing novels is a lot like having children...!

    1. Hi Anita. Good luck with your books too.

      I planned book 2 much more than I did with book 1, mainly because I ended up with a big mess when it came to the second draft of book 1. It took a lot of work to fix it so I've converted to being a planner.


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