Tuesday 6 November 2012

The Vintage Teacup Club by Vanessa Greene

Jenny is planning her wedding to Dan and is hoping to serve their guests tea in vintage teacups at the reception. While on the hunt for vintage cups at a local car boot sale, Jenny spots the perfect tea set and sets her heart on it. Unfortunately, she isn't the only one who has their eye on the set.
Florist Maggie is helping to organise a client's wedding and is also trying to track down vintage teacups as part of her floral display. She spots the tea set at the same time as Jenny and Alison.
Alison has always been good at sewing and crafts and has set up her own business, selling her handcrafted items. She's on the lookout for vintage teacups to make into candles so when she spots the tea set at the car boot sale, she wants it as much as the other women.
With three women and only one tea set, they make a compromise. They will buy the set together and take turns using it - first Jenny for her wedding, then Maggie for her floral displays and finally Alison for her candles.
Through the vintage tea set, Jenny, Maggie and Alison strike up a friendship and help each other through some difficult times in their lives. Jenny is looking forward to marrying Dan but, having been abandoned by her mother 20 years ago, feels she is missing out. She doesn't usually miss having a mother around but is feeling the loss as she plans her wedding.
Maggie has been hurt in the past but she thinks she's finally over her ex so she is confused when Dylan gets in touch after a four year absence.
Alison's husband has been made redundant and is finding it difficult to secure a new job and the longer it takes, the less motivated Pete feels to get up and search for employment opportunities. Not only does Alison have to deal with Pete, her teenage children are a constant worry, causing problems such as stealing, sneaking off to parties and older boyfriends.
The Vintage Teacup Club is a lovely tale of friendship, bringing together the three women who become closer as they join forces to hunt down more teacups. My favourite storyline was Maggie's and while I enjoyed the whole book, I found myself looking forward to her chapters the most.
I loved the setting of The Vintage Teacup Club  and would love to visit the cafe, Blitz Spirit, for tea and cake. I also loved a particular scene with Ruby and Derek Spencer. While it is only quite a short scene, I enjoyed their tale and their memories of the war.
Thank you to Sphere for sending me a copy to review.

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