Friday 30 November 2012

Saved By Cake Challenge - November

I have decided to challenge myself to bake a different cake/biscuit from Marian Keyes' book, Saved By Cake, each month, between March and December. I am a beginner at baking and use the same recipes over and over again so it'll be nice to try something new. I will take photos and post them on here each month - the good, the bad and the ugly.
Chocolate Fudge Pudding
When I saw the photo of the Chocolate Fudge Pudding in the Saved By Cake book, I thought it looked delicious and, even better, the recipe made it seem so simple. And it was simple. You just make up the sponge, then the sauce and 'fling' (Marian's words, not mine) them both into an ovenproof dish and pop it into the oven.
Like magic, the sponge bakes in the middle of the dish, surrounded by fudge sauce.
The cake was lovely, the pudding soft and light and the sauce thick and gooey. I served it warm with vanilla ice cream and it was a big hit with all the family. It really was delicious and it was so easy to make.

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