Sunday 10 November 2013

Blog Tour: The Husband's Secret

Today I'm pleased to be taking part in the blog tour of The Husband's Secret. First of all I have my review of The Husband's Secret and then the author Liane Moriarty will be sharing a character study of Cecelia, one of the main characters from the book.


Mum of three Cecelia is intrigued when she finds a letter from her husband in the attic. The letter says it should only be opened upon her husband’s death. Cecelia knows she shouldn’t open the letter but she can’t resist. Inside is a shocking secret that could destroy her family.

I couldn’t wait to read The Husband’s Secret as the blurb is so captivating. What could be in that letter and how will it affect Cecelia and her family? I did find the beginning of the book a little slow but after a few chapters, I was hooked. As well as Cecelia, we get to know Rachel, a grandmother who is still grieving and struggling to come to terms with the death of her daughter, who died as a teenager over twenty years ago. Finally, there is Tess, who is devastated when her husband admits to having an affair. The three women don’t seem to be connected to begin with but we learn how their lives are woven together.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers about the secret within the letter as it is such a driving force of the book, which gripped me and kept me turning the pages. I thought the book was a well written and enjoyable read.

Celia – Character Study

Cecilia is the quintessential “superwoman.” She’s a mother of three young daughters, president of the P&F (your PTA) and she also runs a successful Tupperware business. She has never faced a problem that couldn’t be solved by rolling up her sleeves and working her way through a checklist. I loved the idea of putting a very black-and-white character like this in a situation where there simply was no obvious solution. Poor Cecilia faces a moral quandary with no easy answers. She has always considered herself a “good person,” but for the first time in her life her moral compass spins out of control when she finds her “goodness” has limits.

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