Friday 8 November 2013

Wanted: Festive Guest Posts

Are you an author of a festive book - either traditionally published or self-published? Or are you a book blogger who loves to read festive books? Maybe you're just a massive fan of Christmas! If so, would you like to guest post on my little blog?

I have guest posts every Wednesday from authors and book bloggers and thought I'd throw a bit of tinsel at them in the run up to Christmas. Possible topics could be:

  • Your festive book
  • Top Ten Christmas books/films/songs
  • Your favourite Christmas book/film/song
  • Family Christmas traditions
  • Your town at Christmas
  • Your Christmas crafts or baking
Or make up your own Christmassy topic! Don't forget to add any links and images to you, your social media and book (if applicable) that you'd like to include.

If you're interested in a festive guest post spot, please email me at

If I'm going to use your post, I will email you with a date of when it will go up on the blog. Please make a note of it so you can let your friends and followers know when the time comes and you can also answer any comments that may be left for you.
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me at the above address.
***Please note, non-book promotional posts and editorials and those looking to advertise on behalf of other companies will not be accepted. I am not looking to make a profit, I'm only interested in spreading some festive joy***

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