Thursday 1 May 2014

Guest Post: Emily Poule

Nostalgia is not an affliction. Contrary to the progressive, future-minded culture we exist in, it doesn’t hurt to look backward every now and then. For me, looking backwards is a bit of a literary science. I lie on my back, I listen to Coldplay, and I think about the past: people, places, moments. It takes time to make sense of things and when we take a second to revisit our histories, we see the narrative…the themes and the characters…and we have the bones of a good story, possibly, a great one. We have the opportunity to reimagine; do something with our what ifs.


Here for the Cake is about a scatter-brained academic, Mina Joseph. Though she is bright and witty, she is passive to a fault, and that horrible quality is one of the reasons she lost the love of her life, Lucas Gibson, to her childhood friend and foe, Ella Hutchinson. When Luke’s best man, Benjamin Fogarty, shows up and offers her a chance to win her man back, she takes it.

At it’s heart, Here for the Cake is all about taking chances; about opening your mouth and saying the things that you’re scared to say and doing the things that you must to get what you want. Love is terrifying but if you don’t have the courage to go after love, you’ll lose to someone who does. Yes, it’s a battleground and no, it never turns out the way you think it will.

It’s definitely a comedy because I love to laugh and I just can’t help taking my stories there. It’s full of characters based off of people I know; some that I love or have loved deeply. It’s also a bit of a patchwork quilt: a streaming of my own personal stories. No, it’s not 100% accurate. I’m a writer and an embellisher so it’s the funnier, more exciting version of my past experiences; the version of the truth that I will one day tell my grand children.

The most honest parts of this book are the themes: how great friends are our salvation; how sometimes those shitty people don’t get their come-uppance and sometimes they do; and how love can sometimes surprise you but that it’s always a possibility.

Here for the Cake is my first novel and is the first in a series of three. If you’re looking for a book that may make you laugh, may make you cry, and may even speak to you, give it a shot. I loved writing this book and I hope you can feel that when you read it.

Here for the Cake is available as an ebook. 

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