Monday 19 January 2015

New Feature! Book Crafts: Valentine's Day Card

I have a lot of books and am constantly being sent copies for review and while I'd love to have a library-sized collection of books, it just isn't possible in my little house. Every now and then I'll have a clear-out and pass books on, either to people I know or charity shops.

But what do you do with proof copies that can't go to charity shops?

I've seen this question posed frequently on Twitter and it got me thinking. I can't just throw a book away but could I make use of it another way?

I decided I would take one book proof and, over the year I will see if I can make things with it. I will make and post one item each month and post it here on the blog!

Valentine's Day Card

As it is Valentine's Day next month, I thought it would be a nice idea to make a card. I have to say, cutting into a book goes against my bookish beliefs but I'm quite pleased with the result. As the card would be for a male recipient, I didn't want it to be too girly so kept it simple.

It was really easy to make (once I'd got over my cutting-into-a-book anxiety).
I drew a heart onto the page and cut it out before sticking it onto some pale green paper, which I then cut round to create a narrow border. I stuck the heart on a cream card blank.
I then wrote 'I LOVE YOU MORE THAN BOOKS' (which must be a LOT, obviously) in green metallic marker and drew around the letters with a fine black marker.
To finish off, I stuck a pale green button on the heart.
And there it is! One  card for the Valentine of a book-lover.
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