Friday 15 June 2018

The Single Mums' Picnic Club: Meet The Characters

The Single Mums' Picnic is now out in the world, so I thought I'd give you a quick introduction to the characters...

Katie thought she had the perfect life; loving husband, two children she adored, a job she enjoyed, and a picturesque house on the seafront.

But eighteen months ago, the loving husband turned her world upside when he left her for another woman. And now he wants a divorce so he can marry the woman who helped to wreck Katie's idyllic life.

Katie is a smart woman, but she's struggling to get to grips with the new life she's been catapulted into against her will. She knows she should sign the divorce papers and move on, but the hurt and anger she feels towards her ex is holding her back. Why should they get to live happily ever when she can't?

Single dad Jack lives next door to Katie. When he isn't busy running around after his three kids or working as a plumber, he enjoys a pint or two in the local pub. When he invites Katie out for a drink with him one Friday night, she's a bit worried; is it a quick drink with a friend or a date? And if it is a date, is she ready to move on from her soon-to-be ex-husband?

George has put all her energy into raising her son over the past few years and she's enjoyed their little double act, so letting go as he starts school is difficult for her. She used to have big aspirations of running her own catering business, but since becoming a mum to Thomas and concentrating on his needs, her dreams have been put to one side and her confidence has dwindled.
But George's friends can see she has a flair for creating delicious, mouth-watering treats. Can they convince her to be brave and finally reach for her dreams?

Frankie is facing the mammoth task of raising two-year-old twins on her own while building her branding business. She barely has time to shower, let alone date, but when a handsome dog-walker asks her out, she finds herself accepting.

Frankie is usually so busy taking care of everybody else - the twins, her clients, her mum whose health is ailing even if she won't admit it - but perhaps it's time to put herself first for a change...

Alex is taking care of his sister's troublesome hound when he meets Frankie. They arrange a date, but all doesn't go to plan. Can Frankie really put herself first for a change or are they simply not meant to be?

Katie thought she had the perfect family life by the sea – until her husband left her for another woman, abandoning her and their two children! She knows it’s finally time to move on but she’s unsure where to begin…

Frankie is shocked when gorgeous dog-walker Alex asks her on a date! As a single mum with her own business she struggles to put herself first, but maybe she’s ready to follow her heart?

George is used to raising her son on her own – but now he’s at nursery, her life feels empty. So when she meets Katie and Frankie at the beach, she realises that her talent for rustling up delicious picnics could be the perfect distraction!

But of course, life isn’t always a beach and as secrets begin to surface the three women’s lives are about to be turned upside-down…

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