Monday 11 October 2021

Coming Soon: The Perfect Winter Weekend

If you're a newsletter subscriber, you will have already had the chance to peek at the cover of my new book, The Perfect Winter Weekend (and hopefully grabbed your free copy) but if not, here she is!

The Perfect Winter Weekend by Jennifer Joyce

The Perfect Winter Weekend is a collection of uplifting short stories that I hope you'll love. There are meet-cutes, proposals, and lots and lots of romance!

The collection consists of ten stories:

The Unvalentine
Thinking About You
Lost & Found
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Stuck With You
The Perfect Winter Weekend
Road Trip
The Snowman
Winter One-derland
Meet Me on the Bridge

Each story is a bite-sized treat that's perfect for reading during the commute or sitting down with a cup of tea when you've got a few minutes to spare. It will be published on Thursday (14th October) but you can pre-order for just 99p now.

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The Perfect Winter Weekend: A Collection of Uplifting Short Stories

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