Thursday 18 November 2021

Nanowrimo 2021: Over Halfway

 NaNaWriMo 2021

We've passed the halfway point of Nanowrimo 2021 - how are you getting on?

In my last Nano post, I admitted that I was behind on my word count for the month and I'm afraid to say I'm still playing catch-up. But I'm still writing, still adding to my word count, and that's the important bit in my opinion.

I found myself struggling this week, even when I did have the time to sit and work on my book. I've blogged before about writing in 15-minute bursts and decided to put this into practice to see if it would help. I tweeted about it, to make myself accounantble, and off I went.

I set my timer and managed to write just over 400 words in the 15 minutes. So I figured if I did 4 more 15-minute bursts, I should be able to reach 2,000 words. It seems ridiculous - 5x15mins=2,000 words? Nah. It can't work. But it did! And so I've been writing in 15-minute bursts for the rest of the this week. I don't always have time for 5 lots, but I'm much more productive in the time I do have. I'm no longer staring at the screen or wandering off to Twitter or Instagram.

Book 16: 20,000 words

My goal for today was to reach 20,000 words and with my 15-minute bursts, I managed to leap over the milestone. This book is getting there, one word at a time.

Average Daily Word Count: 1,156

Total Word Count: 20,816


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