Thursday 4 November 2021

If You're Taking Part In Nanowrimo, It's Totally Okay To...


If You're Taking Part In Nanowrimo, It's Totally Okay To...

... momentarily forget about real life. Who is this 'mum' you speak of? And what is this 'lunch' you keep requesting?

Lunch | Sandwich

... get super-competitive. With yourself. 'Last year I exceeded my Nano goal by 3,000 words - this year I'm going to exceed it by six thousand, even if means I don't sleep for a month'.

No sleep

... raid the Christmas treats early as word snackage. Something has to get you through 50,000 words, and that something is a tub of Quality Street.


... fill the Sky Q box with recordings of all the shows that will have to make way for writing. Better get deleting some stuff to make room.


... celebrate the milestones. Shout about that first 500 words on Twitter. Stick a screenshot of the 10,000 words mark on Instagram. Post a part-triumphant, part-frazzled selfie on Facebook when you limp past 40,000 words. And definitely tell everyone loud and clear if you reach 50,000 words. 


... not reach 50,000 words. Because that is a LOT of words to write in one month - and that's without factoring in real life. Celebrate however many words you achieve, because it'll be more words than you had on the page at the beginning of the month. Your words are enough, however many you write in November.

Your Words Are Enough

... be kind to yourself, and those around you. Maybe feed your kids once in a while. And perhaps it's best not to eat all the Christmas treats (or replace them if you do). And you should definitely sleep, no matter how competitive you're feeling.


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