Monday 26 July 2021

If You're Writing A Book, It's Totally Okay To...

If You're Writing A Book, It's Totally Okay To...

... use that witty comeback you thought up while in the shower, three hours after the spat. Why waste it? Stick it in your book.


... spend more time with the characters in your head than your actual family.

Characters in head

... borrow traits from people in real life. Maybe don't base whole characters on them though. They might notice if you're a bit too specific.

List of traits

... snack on crisps, chocolate, sweets and baked goods. Those words aren't going to fuel themselves.


... create maps and playlists and Pinterest mood boards. Maybe even doodle what the cover might look like. Just don't forget to do some actual writing at some point.


... spend hours finding the perfect outfit your character is going to wear. And then describe it as 'a floaty dress'.


... daydream about your characters even when you're not sat at your laptop. It's a good way to untangle plot problems.


... 'Cast' your characters for when they adapt it into a film. You've got to think BIG.

Cinema tickets

... vow to never ever write another sodding word again. Because you will. Writing can be tricky. It can be frustrating. It can be bloody hard work. But we love it.


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