Friday 28 October 2022

My Five Favourite Time-Travel TV Shows

Goodnight Sweetheart | Life On Mars | Dark | Ashes To Ashes | Being Erica

I love a bit of time-travel fiction, which is why I wrote my latest release, The Christmas Cupid. I've already shared my favourite time-travel rom com films and now I'm going to share my top five time-hopping TV shows:

Dark | Netflix

When a child goes missing, the town's secrets are unraveled, spanning generations. Time-travel. 80s nostalgia. Clever twists and intertwining timelines. Per-fect time-travel fiction.

Life On Mars | BBC

When police officer Sam Tyler is involved in a car accident, he wakes up in the 1970s, where is working at the same police station - but with very different policies when it comes to catching criminals.

Ashes To Ashes | BBC

A spin-off of Life On Mars, which follows police officer Alex Drake who is shot and wakes to find herself in the 1980s.

Being Erica | Channel 4

When Erica meets therapist Dr Tom, he gives her the chance to revisit events of the past which she regrets so she can make different choices.

Goodnight Sweetheart | BBC

TV repairman Gary Sparrow finds he can travel back in time to the 1940s, where he meets landlady, Phoebe and falls in love. Only Gary is already married to Yvonne in the present day.

(Yes, Gary is a shit, but it's such a good show I have to overlook it).

So those are my favourite time-travel TV shows, but I'd love to hear yours. Let us know in the comments below :)

Find out more about the book:

The Christmas Cupid | Jennifer Joyce

‘Laugh-out-loud funny… Everything you want in a Christmas book and more!’ Jaimie Admans

One Day in December meets Groundhog Day in this hilarious Christmas rom com!

Zoey Beake is having a bad December. She might be an elf in the local toy shop’s Christmas department, but it’s hard to stay festive when you’ve just been dumped, you’ve had an extremely unfortunate haircut, and your boss volunteers you to walk on stilts in the toy shop’s Christmas parade.

But then something incredible happens.

Zoey is sent back to the start of December, with the chance to live the whole month again. The catch? She has to match six true-love couples by Christmas Eve. Now it’s not just her own love life she needs to fix… Grab the mistletoe, the Christmas Cupid is ready to matchmake!

A funny and uplifting Christmas romantic comedy for fans of Holiday RomanceOne Day in December and Santa, Please Bring Me a Boyfriend!

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