Wednesday 14 March 2012

Book 2 - 100%... but not really

It looks like I've been typing away like a demon this evening but I haven't. It seems I forgot to update my progress bar last time so it's jumped up a bit more than usual.

But never mind that because I have reached 80,000 words - woo! Victory dance!

(Another) But, although 80,000 words was my original target, I still haven't reached the end of the first draft. I still have another 10,000ish words to go so I will have to change my bar.

It is good to see 100% on my bar though. Although I am a bit disappointed by that white bit at the end. What's that about? It should be all green. Green!

There we go, progress bar has been amended (boo). 89% is still good. Not as good as 100% obviously but still...


  1. I always overshoot my word count goal. Then, in revisions, I get out my black hooded cloak and my scythe. Just call me The Grim Reaper of Words.

  2. Last time I wrote just short of 80,000 words for my first draft and made up for it while revising. Looks like it'll be the opposite way round this time. Can I borrow your scythe?

  3. Fantastic! Knowing you're getting there is half the battle. Go go go!

  4. Thank you. If I carry on the way I have been, the first draft should be done by the end of next week.


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