Wednesday 14 March 2012

Book 2 - 95%... but not really

The first draft of Book 2 is going well. It says 95% on the progress bar but I'm not actually that close to finishing it. As I thought a few weeks ago, this first draft is going to be closer to 90,000 words. I'm not going to change the bar yet though because it looks so good at 95% - cheating, I know but it's my progress bar so I can do what I like :-P

As well as writing Book 2, I'm also still musing about Book 3 and planning (only in my head at the moment) a short story for Hope for Willow Burn. I'm hoping to write some actual words later in the next few days.

So I think that is all there is to report this week. No major problems, no name changes. I'm getting there and The End is definitely in sight.

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