Wednesday 21 March 2012

Book 2 - So Close To The End of First Draft

98%. I can almost touch The End if I streeeeeetch. But not quite. There are still two chapters to write but then that will be it for the first draft. Then there's only the second draft to go. And that'll be a doddle, right? RIGHT?


  1. Congrats on almost reaching the end! :D

  2. When you get to the end, will you feel joy or sadness? Most writers celebrate, but I always feel as if I lost my best friends.

    Of course, we can all meet up again in draft #2 (#3 and #4), but there's nothing like completing that first draft for a bittersweet feeling!

  3. Kyra - thank you! I only have one more chapter to write so it should be finished tomorrow evening.

    Dianne - it is bittersweet. There is the excitement of all your hard working paying off when you complete a draft (and with your sanity in tact). But then it hits you the next day when you don't open your document and carry on the story. Even with further drafts, you're going over old ground and not joining your characters as they carry on with their lives (because they do, you know).


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