Wednesday 8 August 2012

Book 2 - Starting Draft 3

I started the third draft on Monday and am aiming to cut the book down to around 85,000 words. Over the past two days I have cut out the grand total of... drumroll please... 136 words. Woo! Yay! Well done!

Wait a minute. 136 words?

Yep, you read right. 136 words. But I knew I wouldn't be cutting much from the beginning and have been tidying up and zapping the sighs and rolling of eyes (which my pesky characters have an annoying habit of doing). So far there has only been one sigh and two eye rolls but there will plenty more in there.

The middle will be the worst culprit for unnecessary waffle so I'll get that 10,000 words. I will.


  1. Hey, you have to start somewhere! :D

  2. Editing is my least favorite part of writing:( It hurts to cut out words. The only time I derive a joy from slicing my words off the page is when they really are awful words or something like that...hmm. Why would I write awful words? hehe

    1. Oh, I can write some awful words. Not that I try to!


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