Monday 27 August 2012

It Happened In Venice by Molly Hopkins


Evie and Rob split up after he was unfaithful but, after two miserable months apart, they are back together. Evie has promised to put the past behind them and not throw Rob's infedility in his face but it is proving to be more difficult than she imagined.

Still, Evie has no choice but to move on as she loves Rob and can't face the thought of not having him in her life. She agrees to start their relationship afresh with no more secrets between them. Rob asks Evie to move in with him and although she wants nothing more than to live with him, she can't bring herself to break the news to her best friend and flatmate, Lulu.

As well as moving in together, Rob wants Evie to give up her jobs, both waitressing and being a tour guide, a job Evie adores.  Evie isn't sure she wants to give up the freedom of earning her own money and travelling through Europe for her work.

But there are more problems ahead than Evie's loss of independance when Evie and Rob's 'no more secrets' pact begins to unravel.

It Happened In Venice is a great read with fun, quirky characters. Evie kept me amused as she told her story and there were plenty of laugh out loud moments. I loved the relationship - or lack of - between Rob and Evie's best friend, Lulu. They didn't get along at all, which is hardly surprising under the circumstances. Rob had already hurt her friend once and didn't want it to happen again. Evie was stuck in the middle as Rob and Lulu constantly sniped at one another and while I felt a bit sorry for Evie, I found the jibes very funny.

I would have liked to have seen the men in Evie's life to be a bit less aggressive as they all seemed to have extremely short tempers and bossed her around an awful lot, which isn't very attractive in a hero and meant I found it difficult to warm to them. Even still, Evie more than made up for it. I loved her character and really enjoyed It Happened In Venice, both for its humour and for the mystery of who Evie would end up with.

It Happened In Venice is published on Thursday (30th August)

Thank you to Sphere for sending me a copy to review


  1. Rob does sound like a bad lot! Nice review.

    1. Rob must have some redeeming features. Somewhere deep down. Really, really deep down...


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