Thursday 16 August 2012

The Wedding Diaries by Sam Binnie

Kiki Carlow is expecting her long-term boyfriend to dump her as he has been acting strange towards her for the past few weeks so she is shocked but delighted when Thom proposes. After telling their friends and families the good news, Kiki sets about planning her wedding.

Kiki works at a small publishers and is given the job of handling soap star Jackie Jones' wedding book, detailing her own wedding along with tips on planning your own dream wedding. The job couldn't have come at a better time and Kiki is swept along with the (sometimes) galmourous preparations of a celebrity wedding, picking up ideas along the way.

The only problem is Jackie Jones doesn't have to worry about money. But then neither does Kiki as she ploughs ahead with her plans and leaves fiance Thom to worry about the payments. Kiki knows what she wants from her wedding but it seems her dream day will come at a price as she falls out with her mum, sister, friends and even the groom.

I couldn't wait to read The Wedding Diaries as soon as I saw the cover. It's so shiny and pretty and tied up with a bow and the inside of the book was just as brilliant as the outside. Told through diary form with anecdotes, lists and dialogue, The Wedding Diaries follows Kiki as she plans her own wedding, attending old and new friends' weddings along the way. From disastrous hen nights to sourcing the perfect cake, The Wedding Diaries is a fun, often laugh-out-loud read. I found the diary entries very easy to read, with whole months flowing by, and was immediately drawn right into Kiki's mindset. Her relationship with her sister was wondeful with its quirky ups and downs and I loved her easy-going relationship with Thom (who may just be the most perfect husband to be. Ever).

My favourite parts of the book were the To Do lists at the end of most of the diary entries. They were a tiny snapshot of what was going through Kiki's mind as she flitted from one idea to the next or changed her mind completely and I found them very entertaining.

At the back of the book, there is a section offering tips about planning a wedding, from food and drink (with recipes) to music and honeymoon destinations. There is also a sneak preview of the next installment in Kiki and Thom's life, The Baby Diaries, which is due out in spring 2013. The Wedding Diaries was so good, I can't wait to see what happens next.

Thank you to Avon for sending me a copy to review

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