Friday 19 October 2012

Killer Heels by Rebecca Chance

Coco Raeburn was a very different girl before she started working at fashion magazine Style. She lived at home with her parents in Luton and was happy being a size 12. She was also called Jodie but her name was deemed inappropriate for somebody working in the fashion industry and so Coco was born.
Coco sheds a few pounds, reducing her frame to a size 10 but it still isn't good enough to fit in with the other Style girls. Coco is determined to succeed and is willing to do anything to climb the ladder and one day become an editor of Style, from changing her name, being yelled and screamed at by editor Victoria, fulfilling her every whim, and starving herself to reach her size zero goal.
Victoria was once young and ambitious like her assistant Coco and her desire to reach the top has never left her. Editor of Style UK isn't enough for Victoria. She feels like she belongs in Manhattan, believes that after all her hard work she deserves the coveted spot of editor of Style US. Earning her place in her dream job two years earlier than expected is a triumph for Victoria and she is determined to make her mark. But once settled in her new Manhattan office, she meets her match in Mireille, Style US's fashion director.
I'm not usually a big fan of designer shoes and handbags type books so I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Killer Heels and was hooked from the very beginning to the end. Beyond the designer labels and seriously steamy sex scenes, there is the story of three women, each striving to be the best in their careers at Style and all willing to do whatever it takes to either claw their way to the top or remain secure in the position. Victoria and Mireille have both been in Coco's position, starting on the bottom rung but through talent, hard work and sheer determination, ascending very quickly within the magazine. Victoria is at the very top and as editor of Style US she has nowhere to go but down so she is cautious of both Mireille and Coco. Victoria and Mireille circle around one another, eager to stay one step ahead of the other while holding their own cards close to their chests, which made for some interesting twists, turns and scheming.
From the very beginning we know Coco has transformed both her body and her mindset in an unhealthy way and I was immediately worried about her. Being so far away from home and with friends who all work within the same environment as her, it is understandable how Coco is swept up in the drive for so-called perfection but I wanted to give her a good shake and make her see sense before it was too late.
I loved how the book switches point of view, from Coco, Victoria and Mireille, giving an insight into all three women's lives, thoughts and fears and seeing the story from all angles. The book also switches from the past to the present so we know something dramatic is about to unfold in Coco's life with teasing scenes before we are taken back and shown how she ended up in such a situation. The story builds up to a wonderful, dramatic ending that didn't disappoint at all. I was only disappointed that the book had to end as I was enjoying it so much!
Killer Heels is the first Rebecca Chance book I've read so I would love to catch up with her previous novels and am also looking forward to her new book, Bad Angels, will be released on 8th November 2012.
Thank you to Simon & Schuster for sending me a copy to review.

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