Friday 26 October 2012

The Spellbindingly Fun Blog Party

To celebrate the launch of her new novella, How Do You Voodoo?, Janice Horton is hosting a blog party. The idea is to pick ingredients from the list provided and create a verse-like spell.

I decided to make a spell to grant me more hours in the day as this is something I am always in need off so here goes:

If you need more hours in the day,
It's easier than you think.
Just mix up the following ingredients
And have a little drink.

Take a pinch of pixie dust
(or glitter if you prefer),
A twig of hawthorn, snake venom
And a lock of hair.

Add dragon's tears if possible
(if not, your own will do).
Now take a silver spoon
And mix and stir the stew.

Now make your wish
And here's a tip -
Take the teeniest,
Tiniest little sip.

You won't be rich.
You won't gain magical powers.
But your days will be filled
With many more hours.

How Do You Voodoo and Janice's other novels are avaible on and
You can find out more about Janice Horton and her novels on her blog and Facebook or you can follow Janice on twitter (@JaniceHorton)


  1. What a great spell! Can I steal it?? I SO need some more hours in every day. Of course the downside may be total exaustion - but if it works then please do let me know!

    Thanks for all your fabulous support today, Mama J!

    Janice xx

    1. Exhaustion won't be a problem - more hours means more time for sleep!

  2. I have just got to make me one of those but think a tiny sip impossible - in fact I'd need a bucketful! A lot of fun and great spell. :)

  3. If only it were that simple. Wonderful spell, Mama J.

  4. I hope that it works for you! We all need a little more time!

    1. Feel free to test out the potion and let me know if it works :-P

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog too :)

  6. I love your poem! It's delightful and such a great idea -- both the poem-writing and the extra hours in the day. Who wouldn't want that? :-)

  7. Replies
    1. Now there's an idea for version two of the recipe!


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