Monday 23 December 2013

Christmas Crafts 2013

I'll use any excuse to get the craft box out - and what better excuse is there than Christmas? One of my favourite parts of Christmas is sitting down with my daughters (and very occasionally and usually under duress, The Husband) to make something festive. Add some Christmas music to craft away to and finish off with a Christmas film and you've got yourself a pretty perfect afternoon!

This year, I bought the girls a make-your-own-stocking kit (for a bargainous £1 for both the Santa and snowman stockings - thank you Wilkinson).

Then, after seeing a Sky advert (and not Tesco like I stated on Twitter and Facebook - sorry Sky), we made these sweet-filled Santas out of crepe paper and loo rolls. The best bit is, after Christmas we get to rip them open and eat the sweeties - yum!
And here they are on the tree:
I like to make my girls a handmade Christmas card and have started incorporating some sort of sweet. This year, I made Christmas trees with the trunk being a little pocket that holds a small festive chocolate bar.
And finally, I had to make a festive bookmark to use while reading my Christmassy books.
And the 5yo had a go too!

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