Saturday 21 December 2013

Mistletoe & Memories by Matilda Maxwell

Eden is enjoying student life and starting to get into the spirit of Christmas when her former high school nemesis Declan shows up. Declan made Eden miserable at school, using every opportunity to humiliate and ridicule her, but when he turns up in York, he seems to have changed. He's matured and softened and Eden begins to think they can finally be friends - or perhaps even more.
But has he changed or is he still the same old Declan underneath?
Mistletoe & Memories is a New Adult novella which can be read in an hour or two, making the perfect book if you have a bit of spare time to curl up and read in between rushing around getting everything sorted for Christmas. Eden has been hurt by Declan in the past, so she is understandably wary of him to begin with and I felt for her as her memories of Declan's taunting resurfaced. Despite this, Eden can't help being drawn to Declan so I hoped that he had changed as I'd really warmed to Eden and wanted her to be happy.
I enjoyed Matilda Maxwell's style of writing. It was relaxed with a nice balance of humour and heart and the story kept me interested throughout as I kept reading to discover what was in store for Eden and Declan.

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