Monday, 3 February 2014

A Beginner's Guide To... Billy

When overweight Ruth receives an invitation to her school reunion, she hatches a plan to shed the pounds and wow her former classmates.

Billy has known Ruth forever. They grew up living next door to each other and Billy is best friends with Ruth’s older brother, Stephen. Ruth and Billy, along with Billy’s workmate Theo, share a house. Every Thursday evening, Billy and Ruth sit down together to watch their favourite sitcom while sharing some sort of family-sized confectionery.

Billy has always been into computers and now works in IT. Despite working with computers all day, he is quite happy to sit in front of a computer at home in the evenings too. Billy doesn’t have much luck with the ladies. His last relationship ended almost two years ago.

Here are a few quick facts about Billy:

· Full Name: William Worth

· Age: 30

· Job: IT Technician

· Hair colour: Brown

· Eye colour: Brown

· Favourite colour: Green

· Favourite film: Weird Science

· Favourite food: Pizza

· Hobbies: Playing on his computer/Playstation

· Party trick: Can juggle three objects

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