Monday, 24 February 2014

A Beginner's Guide To... Jared

When overweight Ruth receives an invitation to her school reunion, she hatches a plan to shed the pounds and wow her former classmates.

Jared is new to H. Woods Vehicles, a bus and coach manufacturers where Ruth works. He meets Ruth in the tiny staff kitchen and they strike up a friendship. Jared has had a troubled past, though he is trying to put it all behind him and move on.
When Ruth needs help with her weight-loss, Jared is happy to help.

Jared comes from quite a large family, being the oldest of four. His mum and sisters are always trying to coax him into dating women they know (however vaguely) but he isn’t interested.

Here are a few quick facts about Jared

·         Full Name: Jared Williams

·         Age: 33

·         Job: Purchasing Manager

·         Hair colour: Blond

·         Eye colour: Blue

·         Favourite colour: Blue

·         Favourite film: Die Hard

·         Favourite food: Steak

·         Hobbies: Working out

·         Party trick: Can pull a coin out from behind your ear. Lame, but kids love it.

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