Wednesday 12 February 2014

Weightless - a short story by Michele Gorman

Annabel was a bit of a nobody at school, subjected to taunts from the cooler kids because of her weight. Ten years have passed and while Annabel has shed the weight, she's still nervous as she attends her school reunion, especially when her former crush, Jack Winslow, starts chatting to her. But when Jack mistakes Annabel for Christy Blake, once the most popular girl at school, Annabel plays along. The pair hit it off and start to date. Annabel knows she must tell Jack her true identity, but she doesn't want to lose him.

At around 40 pages, Weightless is a quick read you can read in one or two chunks, or pick up whenever you have a spare moment. Despite being a short story, I felt I really got to know Annabel and her struggles throughout her teenage years. She doesn't set out to deceive Jack, but once the mistake is out there and Annabel fails to correct it, it becomes increasingly harder for her to tell the truth. She likes Jack and wants them to have a future but she's afraid she'll lose him when he realises who she really is.

Since leaving school, Annabel has become a dietician. One of her clients is fifteen-year-old Kate, who I thought was a brilliant character. We only see flashes of Kate, but she really stood out for me.

If you're looking for a quick, fun read, Weightless could be the book for you.

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