Thursday 20 February 2014

How To Get A (Love) Life by Rosie Blake

Nicola Brown thinks her life is fine, no matter what those around her think. Her workmate and friend, Caroline is determined to push Nicola into dating. She wants Nicola to get out more, to be adventurous and maybe find love. Nicola doesn't see anything wrong with the fact she hasn't really dated in seven years and that she lives alone.
Nicola isn't lonely.
Or is she?
When Caroline sets Nicola the challenge of finding a date for Valentine's Day, she finds herself accepting. Nicola has been out of the dating game for a long time, but she's determined to find her perfect man.
How To Get A (Love) Life has everything I look for in chick lit; a good story with strong leading characters and a light, witty voice. The book is the perfect escape, a chance to immerse yourself in Nicola's life as she attempts to shed her old, boring life and create a much more vibrant one, hopefully with a dream boyfriend by her side. It was a lot of fun to witness some of the situations Nicola finds herself in as she ventures back into the world of dating.
I loved the setting of the agency Nicola works in with Caroline and their boss, James. The three have a brilliant rapport going, with a strong friendship as well as a working relationship. Another aspect of the book I enjoyed was Nicola's bond with her bat-loving brother, Mark. They tease each other but you can tell they're close and care about the other's happiness.
I really enjoyed reading How To Get A (Love) Life and thought it was a fun, humorous read.

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