Thursday 6 March 2014

A Chat With... Annabel Scott

Can you tell us about your new book?
My new book is the sequel to Millie and the American Wedding. It sees Millie returning to New York after her long term boyfriend Rob gets a job offer in Singapore. She catches up with her old friends including her ex-boyfriend Rob, who’s newly separated. As she grows closer to Rob, she starts to wonder who she’s really in love with.

What was your inspiration for Millie and the American Proposal?
When I originally published Millie and the American Wedding, I had lots of emails and tweets saying they wished the ending was different. It got me thinking about what would have happened in the story and whether it really would have been “the end”. When I had decided that the characters probably would meet again, it was just a matter of working out how and when.

What has been your greatest experience of being a published writer?
It’s hard to put it down to a single greatest experience, but I think knowing that people I don’t know are reading my books is amazing. One of my close friends was at dinner with some her boyfriends’ friends once, and the girls started discussing books they were reading, and one of the friends was reading one of my books. It was then that it hit me that strangers read my book.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
Don’t give up. Launching a writing career is tough. People will say mean things about your manuscripts. You have to turn down social engagements to get enough time to write. You have to trust your gut - which is really hard to do when you’re confidence has been knocked down by rejection. In the end, I’m sure a lot of good authors don’t get discovered because they don’t persevere. If you believe in yourself (as cheesy as it sounds) don’t give up making someone else believe in you too.

What was the last book you read?
I’ve just finished Mhari McFarlane’s Here’s Looking at You. I absolutely adored You Had Me at Hello, and I’d been looking forward to reading it. I think Mhari’s got a great witty tone.

And what’s next on your to-be-read pile?
I recently gave birth to my first child, and my publishers very kindly sent me some parenting books, along with the new Dorothy Koomson book ‘The Flavours of Love’. I haven’t read any of her books before, and my friends have often waxed lyrical about how wonderful an author she is. I just need to find a quiet time to enjoy it! 

Finally, what are you working on at the moment?
I am currently in the thinking stage of the next (and final part) of the Millie series. It’s called ‘Millie and the British Wedding’ and whilst I know the ending and the basic plot, I’m trying to think up the bumps along the way! 

Millie and The American Proposal is out now

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