Wednesday 12 March 2014

Guest Post: Suz Korb

Suz Korb and I have something in common. Not only are we both writers, we have both written a book about dieting. So we decided to interview each other and post them on our blogs. You can see my interview on Suz's blog here

And now it's over to Suz and her novel, My Big Fat Low-Fat Wedding.

What was your initial inspiration for writing this novel?
I’m fat and I’ve tried every diet known to man. I wanted a way to express my diet fails and successes through the medium of comedy fiction.

Did your plot and characters stem from real life experiences, or do you create as you write?
Apart from the robots (lol), most of Emily’s diet shenanigans stem from my own real life experiences. I wanted a way to release my pent up frustrations with myself in a way that would enable me to look back on my diet driven past, and laugh my face off. Which I certainly did while writing this book.

Which character in your book do you relate to most?
I relate to Emily because of her weight loss mental sufferings, but I ended up really falling for Callum because he’s so good to Emily! I wanted his character to be real in the end.

What is your favourite aspect of your main character?
The fact that she learns a lot from her journey towards her wedding day. Even though she’s followed by a stalker and plagued by crazy robots throughout, she still manages to attempt at fighting the flab, and figure out if that’s even necessary by the end.

What was the most important thing your characters learned about themselves?
Both Emily and Callum learn things about themselves, their bodies, and each other, throughout the story.

Are twists and turns important to your plot line, or do your characters develop the story?
I’ll start with an initial novel idea and let my characters develop the plot as I write. It’s fun that way. I surprise myself with the twists and turns, or rather, my characters surprise me!

What was the best aspect of your novel?

The comedy and romance. Emily suffers a lot with her body size fixations in this book. By having a laugh at her diet mishaps she’s able to move on every time with support from her loving fiancĂ© Callum.

Will you write a sequel to thins novel, or what are your next fiction writing endeavors?
I must write a sequel to this novel! I’m pregnant at the moment and I need an outlet for all the morning sickness (etc) I’m enduring. First though, my Deities series for teens will be concluded with stories 5-6 in the next coming months.

My Big Fat Low-Fat Wedding is available in both
ebook and paperback from here
You can find Suz Korb's blog here

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