Monday 13 July 2015

Book Crafts: Butterfly Gift Tag

Butterfly Gift Tag
You will need:
Pages from a book proof
Wire cutters
Double-sided tape
Gift tag (or make your own using a template and card)
 You can use a ready-made gift tag or make your own. I made my own using a gift tag template and some cream-coloured handmade paper, which I lined with white card to give it stability and a smooth surface for writing a message on the back.
Layer four pieces of book proof pages and draw a basic butterfly shape, bearing in mind the size of your gift tag. Cut out the butterfly shapes.
To make the butterfly's body, cut a length of wire using wire cutters and bend it in half, leaving a rounded end and twisting in the middle.
Use the wire cutters to bend down the ends and curl into small loops to form the antennae, snipping off the excess.
Using small strips of double-sided tape, stick the body to one of the paper butterfly shapes.
Using more small strips of double-sided tape, layer the rest of the paper butterfly shapes. Carefully bend the wings towards the middle of the butterfly to create a feeling of movement.
Using double-sided tape, attach the butterfly to your gift tag and add some ribbon to complete.
And there you have it - your butterfly gift tag!
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