Friday 10 July 2015

My Summer Reads: The Little Things (a novella) by Jane Costello

Hannah MacFarlane is expecting a promotion at work which will result in her relocation to Dubai. But instead of a shiny new job title, Hannah is made redundant and it is her fiancé, James who is sent to work in Dubai instead.
Hannah brushes herself off and vows to find herself another equally high-powered job - preferably out in Dubai so she can be with James - but five months later the job hunt isn't working out quite as planned. When her sister offers her the temporary position as child minder to her four young boys, Hannah has no choice but to accept. Hannah is knowledgeable when it comes to marketing luxury cars, but she soon discovers that when it comes to being responsible for four boisterous minors, her skills are lacking.
Hannah is really thrown in the deep end with her nephews and although it's a bit of a nightmare for her, it's a lot of fun for the reader! The writing has such a nice flow to it and I found myself fully immersed in Hannah's world of explosive nappy-changes, art projects and school gate politics. I've read novels by Jane Costello before and this was a pleasant reminder of how great a writer she is. The pace is spot on and there is lots of humour and a sprinkling of romance, making this a perfect novella for fans of fun, light reads.
Although The Little Things is only a novella, it's absolutely jam-packed with everything I look for in a full-length novel; fun and humour, romance, fantastic characters and laugh-out-loud moments. By the end, I felt like I'd really got to know Hannah and it didn't feel like we'd been on such a short journey at all.

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