Wednesday 8 July 2015

My Summer Reads: Liza Hoeksma

Today I'm delighted to welcome Liza Hoeksma to the blog to share her summer reads.
My Summer Reads

The silent hours by Cesca Major

I'm so intrigued by this story of a mute in a convent, a Jewish baker, and a nine year old boy in wartime France. I love books that transport you to a different place and time and I hear this is a gripping and emotional read; it sounds like a great book to get lost in. 

Summer at shell cottage by Lucy Diamond

 This has all the makings of the perfect summer story; an easy to read book, set over a summer holiday, that deals with grief, family dynamics, intriguing secrets, career pressures and more. I just wish I had a beautiful seaside cottage to read it by…

The light between oceans by M.L. Stedman

I'm not sure how I managed to miss this when it came out a couple of years ago but I've been recommended it by so any people recently. The blurb simply says that a boat washes up to shore with a dead man and a crying baby leading to a couple having to make a life-altering decision – how could you not want to drop everything and find out more?!

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella
There’s sadly no pretending that I fit into the YA category of readers but it’s just too hard to pass up a Sophie Kinsella book; she’s one of those writers who is so good she makes it looks effortless. I love that she’s tackling mental health issues in Finding Audrey as there’s a huge need to blow away the stigma and let young people know they’re not alone if they’re struggling. Knowing Sophie Kinsella’s style she’ll take a heavy topic and weave it into a story that still manages to put a smile on your face.
I let you go by Clare Mackintosh

 I was recently away for a weekend with a friend who was reading this and she barely looked up except to gasp occasionally and say ‘I didn’t see that coming!’ This psychological thriller seems like one that will be hard to put down so I’ll need to set aside a day where the only interruptions will be topping up the sun screen.  
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Liza Hoeksma is the author of More Than Enough, which is available from Amazon now. You can find Liza on Twitter here

When does a friendship become an affair? Katie loves being a mum but having three kids under three may be more than even she can handle. With her husband working long hours, could a seemingly supportive friendship cross a line and jeopardise a family’s future? Meanwhile Katie’s sister Amy looks to have met her perfect match in actor Charlie, but will his new found fame change everything?
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