Tuesday 25 August 2015

#AmWriting Draft Two


Last month I was getting my Christmas on, revising my Christmas novella but now I'm back to our good old British summer (which sometimes feels a lot like Christmas...)

I worked hard revising my Christmas novella but it was also a lot of fun revisiting the characters and building on what I already had to what I hope is now an even better book. I'm (nervously) looking forward to sharing it! I'm missing the festive songs already so roll on 1st November (I'm not even close to kidding about that).

I've had a couple of weeks away from my laptop as I've been away with my family to Bulgaria (which definitely did NOT feel like Christmas, unless you're a turkey roasting in the oven) but now it's time to get cracking on with my new book.

I'm just over half-way through the second draft so I'm sorting out any issues I picked up after finishing the first draft and having a general tidy up. I know my characters much more now than I did when I started the first draft so I can use this knowledge in the second draft to make sure my characters remain consistent. For example, you can't have a character choffing a fat, juicy steak in the first chapter if you later find out they're a vegetarian!

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