Sunday 14 August 2011

From Notting Hill With Love by Ali McNamara

This is the perfect book for me as I love watching films (though not to the extent of Scarlett) as well as reading.

From Notting Hill With Love... Actually tells the story of Scarlett, a movie-obsessed woman who is taking a break from her life to house sit in Notting Hill. There she meets Oscar and Ursula who decide to help her quest to prove that life can be like the movies. They rope in Scareltt's temporary neighbour to help too and although he annoys Scarlett to begin with, it's quite clear things will change rapidly.

From Notting Hill With Love... Actually was a good read. It was fun and didn't take itself too seriously (how can it when Scarlett keeps ending up in move scenarios) and I loved the film facts at the end. Geek confession here but when I've watched a film I always check on for the movie facts.

I enjoyed the read and would recommend it to anyone who likes both chick lit and chick flicks.

Verdict: My cup of tea

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