Friday 5 August 2011

Week 2 of the Summer Holidays

Another week has passed - it's going by fast!

The weather hasn't been as good this week, though there have been some sunny days, which is a rarity in Manchester.

This week we have:

  • Watched a ladybird in the back garden, letting it run along our hands and watching it climb up the grass and leaves. It's amazing how such a tiny thing can keep kids occupied
  • Had another trip to the library where we read books, coloured in Peppa Pig pictures and played with the toys and jigsaws
  • The Jellyfish spent the day at her friend's house
  • Made a bottle of treasure like this but mine wasn't as fancy. I used an empty water bottle. Did the trick though and it was fun searching the house to find little items to put inside and the kids enjoyed playing with it too
  • Went to Messy Play where we played in sand, crunched cornflakes and painted with food. The Jellyfish took part in a mini dance session while Boo and I played with the animal figures
  • Made sandpaper pictures
  • Made Teddy Bear Crayons:

The idea came from here but, as we don't have a car, we did ours in the oven, set at 150C and I just checked on them every few minutes. They turned out really well and the kids were excited when I popped them out of the mould. The only problem was, Boo thought she could them as they'd been in the oven!

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