Friday 12 August 2011

Week 3 of the Summer Holidays

What has happened to the weather this week? Has summer been and gone?

Hang on, why am I so surprised? This is England. Of course it's going to rain in August!

We haven't been able to go and out and do much this week due to the weather so we have:

  • had one visit to the park and almost froze in the process but at least it didn't rain for a while
  • made Chocolate and Sultana Rice Krispie Cakes (with added sprinkles and glitter)

  • Made an I Spy Sticker game

    I got the idea from 
    here but I made little cards with things to find for The Jellyfish and Boo (making them easier for Boo as she's only two). I also laminated it so they wouldn't wreck it in five seconds!

  • made chocolate and sprinkles covered strawberries and bananas, which we froze

I can't believe the summer hoildays are half way through. It's going so quick!

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