Wednesday 29 February 2012

Book 2 - 70% of Book 2 and Musing About Book 3

Much of the same this week, with some good writing days and some bad. On Thursday and Friday I didn't write anything at all as my head was not in a writing place at all. It wasn't just one of my 'can't be arsed writing tonight. I'd rather watch Coronation Street' as I have those all the time but plough on. This was different and due to specific circumstances that played heavily on my mind. I had no choice but to let it pass and pick up when I felt able.

I seem to be back in my stride now and have reached 70%, which is crazy as it feels like I've only just started. In a few days I should be 3/4 of the way through the first draft. With this in mind, I've found myself musing about Book 3 and have decided what it will be (and it even has a title already - bonus). I haven't noted anything down yet as I'll do all that when I've finished the first draft of Book 2 but I have decided on the central characters (and named them). I have a vague idea of what the beginning is and an even vaguer idea of the end so it's those pesky details I need now.

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