Wednesday 15 February 2012

Book 2 - Ex Husbands & Chores (or lack of)

Ooh, I am so close to reaching 50%. My writing is still going well and I've been surprised by how much I've enjoyed the scenes involving my main character's ex husband. He isn't a huge part of the book but I've loved writing the couple of scenes he's been in so far. Phil is an arsehole. He is selfish and a bit of a buffoon but he's fun to write. Wouldn't want to be married to him though.

I didn't get the chance to write anything last night as I was out all day and didn't get back until around 10pm (and went to bed pretty much as soon as I'd put my girls to bed - 4 train journeys with a 3 year old is exhausting). I couldn't help feeling disappointed. Writing can be a chore sometimes but at the moment, it is far from it. I actually look forward to 8pm when I can get the laptop out and carry on with my book.

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