Wednesday 1 February 2012

Book 2 - Good Days & Bad Days

It's been a mixed bag of writing this past week. Some days it's been back to pulling teeth, where every single word seems to plod along at a painfully slow rate and some days, like yesterday, the words seem to fly onto the screen. And some days are in between. I really enjoyed writing one of the scenes last night and have been looking forward to that part since I jotted the idea down so that helped the words come.

Good days or bad days, they must be working somehow because last night I reached 23% of my first draft target so I'm almost a quarter of the way there!

I have finished the first draft of my Valentine's short story that I decided to write for fun. It needs typing up now (I love writing on actual paper and considered writing the first draft of Book 2 on paper. Then quickly changed my mind!) and then tweaking so I can post it up here on 14th.

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