Wednesday 22 February 2012

Book 2 - The Good, The Bad & The Yummy

The Good:

I have reached 50%! Wahoo! I'm very pleased to have reached (over) the half way mark but I suspect I'm not as far on as it looks. I set my progress bar to 80,000 words because that is what I aimed for with Book 1. I finished the first draft at around 78,000 but finished the second at 90,000 and doing it this way worked for me (though it didn't feel like that second draft was working at the time). I thought I'd do the same this time round but, the way this draft is going, it wouldn't surprise me if I finished the first draft nearer 90,000 words. We'll have to wait and see.

The Bad:

I've had a bit of a mixed week again and there have been a couple of 'bad' days (of the teeth-pulling kind). The worst was Friday. I managed to force out around 4-500 words (and I mean force). In the end I decided to stop where I was and I watched Hustle instead. I don't feel guilty that I 'gave up' because sitting at the computer wasn't doing me - or the book - any good. I picked it up again on Monday and sorted out what I had attempted to write on Friday. To be fair, what I had down wasn't so bad - there just wasn't much of it.

Luckily not all the days have been bad. They've been mostly good it's just the bad ones that seem to stick in my mind.

More Bad:

I received Rejection Number Two yesterday. But, I'm pleased to report, I wasn't such a sulky baby this time and it never even entered my head, even fleetingly, to give up. I filed away the rejection letter in my Book 1 file and submitted to the next agent on my list.

The Yummy:

Pancakes! I hope you all had one (or two or three) yesterday. The Partner made ours (because I'm useless as making pancakes). I had mine with strawberry jam and sliced banana and it was yummy.

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