Friday 22 June 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Blog Hop

Today I'm taking part in the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Blog Hop, hosted by Jaycee DeLorenzo and Victoria Smith.

How it Works:
Interview a heroine of your manuscript, novel, or WIP by a fellow female counterpart also from one of your written works. Your featured heroine can be interviewed by her best friend, a heroine from another one of your written works, a sister, the opportunities are endless!

  • Have your heroine answer at least 3 of the questions recommended below or make up your own!
  • Post a picture of your heroine, the interviewer, or both!
  • Post a song for the theme of the interview or a song that reflects your featured heroine's personality.
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  • Post your entries on June 22, 2012 and hop around the other blogs through the linky!

For this hop, the interview will have more of a "girls chatting" type feel because after all, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! So feel free to write it like a short scene in a book!

"So? How was your date with Dan?" Petra was too excited to know how the date had gone to wait until they were seated but Karen took her time replying, first sitting neatly in her chair, ensuring her handbag was tucked away and then taking a long sip of her drink.
"It wasn't a date. I keep telling you, we're just friends."
"And I keep not believing you." Petra smiled at her friend to show she was only kidding. "Where did you go?"
"Just to the White Deer. Like I said, it wasn't a date, just two friends getting together for a couple of drinks at the pub."
"Yeah, yeah. Not a date. I get it." Petra gave a wave of her hand. "But did you kiss him?"
"No!" Honestly, why couldn't Petra get it? She and Dan were just friends and besides, Karen had only been single for five minutes. The last thing she needed was another man to break her heart.
"But would you? If you were dating, would you kiss him - or anybody else for that matter - on a first date?"
Karen took another sip of her drink, allowing herself to mull over the question. It had been a long time since she'd had to ask herself such questions. "No, I think I'd rather play hard to get. Perhaps on the second date?"
"And what would a man have to do to earn himself a second date with you?" Petra would be sure to pass the information on to Dan. Karen may have been in denial about their friendship status but she was sure Dan knew where he stood.
"Good manners are a must. And clean fingernails."
Dan always appeared freshly showered and he had impeccable manners. "And what would turn you off?"
Karen wrinkled her nose. "I wouldn't want to be bored during a date. I was once taken to a poker game on a date, only I wasn't allowed to play. I just had to sit there all night while he lost money."
"Ok... Anything else?"
"Absolutely no smoking."
Fantastic! Dan was a very healthy non-smoker. "And what was your best date?"
Karen thought hard about this. She had been on many fabulous dates so it was difficult to pick out the best. "I suppose it would have to be the time Rick surprised me with a weekend in Paris. We went to the most gorgeous, romantic restaurant with soft music and candlelight and they served..."
Petra nodded along as Karen's eyes glazed over, lost in a wondrous day in the past. She wondered whether Dan had a valid passport and a stomach for snails and frog's legs.
"... and at the end of the evening, Rick took me out onto the candlelit terrace and we danced and danced until the restaurant closed." Karen gave a little sigh before blinking her way out of her daydream. "I'm sorry. I went on a bit too much there, didn't I?"
A bit? Petra had jotted down a few notes on the back of a receipt out of her handbag, ready to pass on to Dan. She hid the pen in her lap under the table.
"Boxers or briefs?"
"Should he wear boxers or briefs?"
Karen gave a shrug. "It doesn't matter what he's wearing. It's what's inside that counts."
Grinning, Petra lifted her glass and clinked it against Karen's. She'd drink to that.


  1. "It's what's inside that counts." -- Inside what exactly? *wink wink*

  2. Haha, I was going to comment on the "What's inside" part also! That is a killer line! Excellent scene! :D

  3. Ooh, an ulterior motive! I like!

    Thanks for participating! :D

    1. Thanks for hosting :-D It's been fun taking part.

  4. Hah! That last line killed me. :D Too fun!

  5. Very very nice and clean fingers are very important ;) I loved your girls!

  6. What a fun excerpt! Great job with dialogue!

  7. Oooo! Paris? What a dream date that would be. I love how she thought it didn't matter about what kind of underwear he wore. So true - what's on the inside is much more important:) I'll *clink* to that, too!

  8. i like these girls. what a cruddy date to sit around & watch a poker game!

  9. Thank you all for visiting my blog. It's been fun taking part :-)

  10. Great excerpt! And I agree re: the clean fingernails.

    1. If a man hasn't at least washed his hands, what else hasn't he washed?

  11. Love how Petra's thinking of working towards hooking Dan and Karen up all the way through. ^_^

    And I'll drink to that last answer too.

    1. Petra is rather keen to get them together. She must see something Karen doesn't...

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