Saturday 16 February 2013

Birthdays & Baking

I don't quite know how it happened but my oldest turned ten on Monday. I can't quite believe it and writing it down it down doesn't make it feel any more real but she is ten *whimpers*

To celebrate, the four of us went bowling last weekend and then onto Frankie and Benny's (our usual restaurant of choice for all occasions). I cannot describe to you just how bad I was at bowling. It's been a while since we've been but there really isn't any excuse for the way I played last Saturday. But it was fun and that's why we were there (she says through gritted teeth. I'm a really bad loser).

While my daughter was at school, I spent most of Monday baking her a cake. I was pretty damn proud of it and she loved it.

But my baking was not over for the week. Oh no! On Tuesday evening, I was handed a letter from the 10 year old (nope, still doesn't feel real typing that number). Her school was having a bake sale on Thursday (she couldn't remember how long she'd had the letter for) so I didn't have long to come up with some baked goods.

I'd seen some ice cream style cupcakes on a baking program before Christmas and have been wanting to give them a go so on went my apron and I made these:

I was quite proud of these too and the sponge inside was lovely and they were probably the best cupcakes I've made. I wasn't sure if the cones would 'go' with cake but they did.

And if I wasn't feeling ancient enough having a ten year old child, it's my great niece's first birthday party today. Bring on the zimmer frame!


  1. LOL! *hugs*

    That cake is amazing!

  2. My youngest is turning 9 in a couple of weeks... I share your whimpers. I love the cake! And I love those last minute letters from school - they add such excitement to the week :-)

    1. I can't even blame the school (this time) as my daughter had had the letter for a while.

  3. Oh my, those look SO delicious! *.*
    And don't worry, I'm terrible at bowling as well.
    Happy birthday to your daughter!

    1. Thanks Vicky :-)

      I'm glad I'm not only one who can't bowl.

  4. The cake looks beautiful! So do the cupcakes! Well done!
    Our eldest is 15 this year. That's terrifying! X

  5. Cakes and cupcakes look amazing! Lots of talents over there, Mama J...


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