Monday 11 February 2013

Valentine's Day Massacre


Peek into the love lives of your favorite chick lit writers

Ever wondered whether writers actually live the romantic lives that they write about? Here’s your chance to play voyeur, all during Valentine’s Week, when 15 of your favourite writers confess their worst dating stories and most horrendous crushes (with a little bit of romance mixed in, of course).

They’ll answer a question a day starting on February 11th and would love to swap war stories with readers!

So join Lindsey Kelk, Dina Silver, Talli Roland, Juliette Sobanet, Michele Gorman, Julia Williams, Belinda Jones, Rowan Coleman, Miranda Dickinson, Nicola May, Karen Swan, Alexandra Brown, Tamsyn Murray, Kitty Charles and Ellie Campbell for a Valentine’s date you won’t soon forget.

The Valentine’s Day Massacre begins here today.

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