Monday 4 February 2013

Planning: Done!

I have finally finished the first part of planning Book 4. In the words of my four year old, it took for long. I've created my characters and I think I know them pretty well now and I've plotted out the novel but next time it comes to planning, I will do it in the kitchen and not sat in front of The Wright Stuff. I may just complete it a bit quicker that way.

With the plotting finished, I'm now diving back into Book 3 for Draft Two. The time away has helped and I have a few pointers to work on before I've even opened the document so I'm looking forward to getting stuck in as soon as the school run is done.


  1. What a good idea - plotting your next book whilst doing the 'edit wait' for the previous one. I'm writing book 4 too only, unlike you, I didn't plot it at all because Christmas stole all my plotting time and then, before I knew it, Sally Quilford's 100,000 words in 100 days challenge started on 1st Jan! Pantsing is scary, will reveal if it worked for me or not when (if) I've reached 'the end'!

    1. Good luck with the pantsing, Cally. You're braver than I am!


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