Friday 22 February 2013

Guest Post: Kate Spencer

It’s strange to think that as I am going about my daily life people are reading my book! I wonder if all authors feel this way or if its just because I am a newbie? While I am on the school run or food shopping people all around the world are absorbed in the life of the character that I created, and they are contacting me to say that they relate to her and they love the story...its a great feeling to know that something that once started as an idea in your head is now connecting with many. I have been blown away by the lovely comments that are coming my way for 12 Lessons, within 2 weeks of release I had received 40 x 5 star reviews on Amazon.

I have always been a keen reader and read a mixture of women's literature and also non fiction books about personal development and spirituality. I opened up as a psychic myself 8 years ago and left my job in the pharmaceutical industry to work in the healing arts with energy therapies and readings for people. It was partly this that led me to write 12 Lessons.

I wanted to create a touching, gritty and contemporary story of one woman's life that we could all relate to, but include some of the life lessons and spiritual lessons that I have learned myself.

The lessons in the book are woven into the story and do not detract from the characters or storyline, in fact they enhance it and give it an unexpected twist.

This book is likely to be different from anything else that you have ever read, its got all of the ingredients of a great novel such as love, heartbreak, betrayal, and a smattering of smut, but it goes far, far deeper than that. The lessons in this book take you on a personal journey as you read it and without perhaps realising you will start to look at your own life in a different way.

Its not just a book, its an experience, and one that I am being told is changing lives in positive ways all over the world.

Hope you love reading 12 Lessons by Kate Spencer.

Love Kate x

Readers comments & Links:

"What these other reviewers have said is absolutely true, I can't put this book down either. I have matchsticks holding my eyes open this morning as I was up late into the night reading just another chapter etc.

The tears were rolling down my face at one point I was so sad for Stephanie. It's a long time since a book affected me like that. Its so well written and Kate paints a very realistic picture of Stephanie's life.
There are some hilarious bits in the book and some sadness and a great deal of love. The description of the main characters is fantastic and for once I am not tempted to check the back of the book to see how it ends,
I don't want it to end!
Is there another book by Kate Spencer please .... soon?"

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