Friday 27 September 2013

Book Of The Month: September

I've read some fantastic books since starting this blog and I'd like to give some of them a bit more recognition. So I've decided to add a new feature to the blog and give a special mention to one outstanding book each month. Feel free to add your thoughts of the chosen book in the comments below or even recommend an outstanding book of your own.

Klara's mother disappeared when she was a young girl. Klara never knew where she went and then it was too late to find out as she learned her mother had died.
Years later, when Klara is married and thinking of starting a family of her own, she receives a mysterious letter. Enclosed is a key, which promises to answer the questions Klara has about her mother. The key belongs to a lock-up, inside of which Klara discovers her mother's possessions, including a diary she kept as a young woman.
I really enjoyed The Lies You Told Me, following Klara as she discovered who her mother was and what made her tick. I connected with Klara and felt for her as she finally found the long-awaited answers to her questions.
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